replaced motherboard now windows wont boot

I just replaced a motherboard and cpu in my pc. when I turn it on it goes through the new bios then to the windows loading screen it flashes a quick blue then restarts does the same thing except it goes to the error screen that says system recovery or statt windows normally. I was told when replacing a motherboard you need to put a fresh copy of wondows on the hdd is this true?
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    99.9% sure you are going to need to re-install your OS. Think windows is expecting the old mobo and freaking out.
  2. It can not run on the drivers for you old motherboard. Repair at minimum.
  3. If you replace a MOBO from X to Y. Lets say An Z77 to a FX990. Then you have to reinstall Windows. Most of the driver does not fit and ect.

    But if you replace a Asus Z77 with a MSI Z77. Then from time to time you can be lucky that it will boot up. but with a few missing drivers (Reinstalling Windows is still recommended.)

    If you replace your MOBO with the same MOBO again. Then there should be no issues.
  4. You need to reformat your hard drive, and install a fresh copy of Windows on it. After that you'll need to download the necessary drivers.
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