No Motherboard Standoffs Required?

I'm in the process of swapping one computer into a cheap temporary case for the time being. Perhaps I'm just out of touch with how things are done now (definately possible), but I was surprised to see that there were no motherboard standoffs included. Instead, there are little raised metal "bubbles" that looks to me like they want me to screw the motherboard directly onto it. I've checked the traces and leads on the back of the motherboard and it appears that I won't be shorting anything, but I've always used standoffs before. It just seems wrong to be securing the motherboard directly to the case, raised or not. Is this something that is done now? I'd rather be overreacting and have everything be fine then risk shorting the motherboard to the case. I'm linking a picture below to show what I am seeing.

I'm still waiting for a confirmation email so I am unable to directly include a picture; however you may see what I am talking about at:
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    The built in standoffs (little raised bubbles) seem to work fine, I've not had any issues with them in a number of builds.
  2. Thanks for that, I'll fire it up and see what happens.
  3. If the rear panel and connectors line up properly with the rear face plate, the pcie and pci slots are at the proper height to insert and secure your add-on cards, and the motherboard seats square and properly, the using the bubbles instead of stand-offs should not be problem.
  4. Actually, you can't use standoffs with that case design. I have not seen too many of those but they work just fine.
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