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Hi everyone. I have been looking around for a new monitor, and I have had my eyes set on a 2560x1440. The majority of them are over $500, except for a few. There are these new Korean comapnies (QNIX, Crossfire, Yamakasi) selling 27 inch 1440p IPS monitors between high $200 and low $300. Has anyone had any experience with these companies? They could be the deal of the century or they could be garbage. I figured I would ask here because we all know how easily reviews can be faked. Thanks
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    They arnt fake btw, and they are on ebay. Review are kinda inflated, but they are apple cienema displays that apple doesnt like.
    You will love these monitors. Apple is VERY picky with their monitors.
    I'll buy one next spring but the only bad things about these monitors is the generic cases on some but the panels are high quality and you can return it if it comes broke. (with a warrenty of course!)
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