How would I set up my home network with a modem, router (that lacks Gigabit ethernet), and an 8-port switch?

I have an Arris modem and a WRT160Nv3 Linksys router that has 4 ports that don't have Gigabit ethernet. I am looking to set up the new Netgear switch I got so that the network goes as follows: Modem>Switch>Router. I would connect my PC and laptop to the switch with cat6 and leave the router for the rest of the family to use for wireless. can i bypass the router like that or should I go about getting a new router?
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    you need to connect Modem>Router>Switch

    your routers ports are fast enough to keep up with the internet traffic since you internet connect most likely does not exceed 100Mbps.

    also you ISP will only provide one IP; therefore, in your model only one device will be able to be on the internet.

    the Gigabit switch will only help to increase the data transfer between the computers but not the internet.
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