Intermittent KB & mouse Lag

I built a new gaming rig toward the beginning ( see below for specs) of the year and about 6 months ago i started experiencing some issues with the keyboard and mouse lagging or even in some cases the back light on the keyboard will flicker on and off. I originally thought it was probably just malware so I wiped the os and started fresh. I was pretty sure i had it but it came back. So once again i assumed its the same problem and reinstalled but this time it worked but once I installed the "important Updates" using windows update. It started again. so after 5-6 system restores i narrowed it down to the installation of my video drivers. so i tried several different versions of available drivers trying to find one that didn't cause the problem and none of them seem to work without issues. After talking to EVGA's Tech support they said that because its happening on different driver version that its not a issue with the video drivers. So now I'm not sure what to do. Ive made sure that my Bios, and chip set are up to date. Tried different keyboard and mouse combinations. different usb ports. If i boot to safe mode it has no problems. And I've never had any issues while playing games. mostly happens on desktop or while trying to open start menu or clicking on folders. That kind of stuff. ANY IDEAS? I feel like there is some kind of compatibility issue.

1000 w power supply
intel Extreme DZ77GA-70K Motherboard
intel i5 3570 processor (not O.C)
16GB G.SKILL Ripjaws Z Series GB memory (4x4) 2400 (O.C)
EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Ti FTW Signature 2
128GB ocz vertex 4 SSD ( for OS)
1TB WD caviar black (for games and programs)
3TB WD Red (for media)
water cooled
and extra fans on the memory
Corsair Vengence k70 keyboard
Corsair M30 mouse
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    Try clocking the RAM at something more mainstream, for testing try 1600Mhz. RAM acting up sometimes acts randomly :) Whenever something is intermittent I suspect Overclock, RAM, Power supply, Storage, Motherboard, then software, in that order.
  2. any idea why my ram won't post at 1600. it defaults to 1333?
  3. Read the mobo manual on how to enable XMP profiles.
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