I'm looking for a new laptop. Mild gaming, programming and school. PLS HELP :)

I'm looking for a new laptop. I'll be doing some mild gaming (WoW WotLK private server), some programming (VS 2010/2012 and Java) and general school stuff.

Budget is something of an issue. I'm probably looking at no more than $850 or $899 tops. I'm fine with refurbished items, as long as the seller/manufacturer has a good rep and quality.

My current findings right now are...

I'm fine with a 14", 15" or 17" screen. i'm not too concerned with size. Also, the hard drive doesn't need to be amazing. I can replace it easily enough.

Also, i'm looking at some Lenovo's (They are refurbs)

Nice size and hardware looks good.

I'm definitely open to other deals. I know something from ASUS or MSI would probably be better. I'm all for it.

I do want dedicated graphics. Lots of RAM is a plus. Backlight keyboard is desired. I would also like USB 3.0 and some fancy mSata/eSata goodness.

I'm upgrading from a HP DV6700 with a T9300 , 4GB G.Skill RAM, 750GB seagate 5400 drive, and a nVidia 8400m GS

I appreciate any help... :)
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  1. How does the Intel HD 4000 compare with the nVidia 750m in the models I posted?
  2. How does the Intel HD 4600 compare with the nVidia 750m in the models I posted?
  3. The Intel HD 4600 is less powerful than the GT 720m.
  4. The Intel HD 4000 is less powerful than the GT 710m.
  5. So..doesn't look like the Lenovo links are working to their outlet, but I was comparing the Lenovo IdeaPad Y410 and Y510.
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    From memory...

    Both the Y410p and Y510p have the same specs. The only difference is the screen resolution; the Y410p can have up to a 1600x900 resolution screen while the Y510p can have up to a 1920x1080. The GT 750m will provide better performance on the lower resolution screen (likely an graphics card / chip would). Therefore, it is more likely you can use high graphics quality settings on the Y410p than the Y510p laptop. For 1080p resolution, if you want to use high graphics quality in all games (including graphically demanding games), then you really need a GTX 770m.

    Both laptops runs hot when playing games, in fact all gaming laptops runs hot; 90C - 94C. It's up to you if you prefer a smaller laptop with lower resolution and lighter weight, or a larger laptop with higher resolution and heavier weight.
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