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Hello everyone, I'm going to be building my first computer very soon! While I'm excited there are decisions I need help with. First I already have most of it figured out. I'll be purchasing these parts over time. I only have a $500 credit limit at the moment so it'll take quite a while to get each part. I already have enough to purchase a computer at this price.
1.Windows 8 Pro OS $139.99
2. AMD 8350 CPU $186.99
3. HAF X case $199.99
4. ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX/GEN3 R2.0 $179.99

What I can't decide on for the rest would be what pcie 3.0 GPU(s), what PSU(depending on GPU(s), and what LED 32"(or smaller it's how much room I have on my desk) monitor, gaming keyboard, 1866 2x8 ram I should get. I realize that the gpu(s) will most likely be the most expensive part(s).
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  1. Why get AMD parts if your budget is $2000-2500?
  2. ^ AMD fan boy... inb4 intel>AMD no not imo. Forgot to ask about storage I only need 500gb to 1tb but i'd like to put in a SSD for my OS and speed raid 2 HDD.
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