Next gen games good or bad for PC?

I mean, the higher requirements. (I'm buiding my first pc in december 280x and 8350)

ANYWAYS. Will higher requirements = Better Graphics & Fps?
Or Better graphics and lower fps.... im noob lol
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  1. Higher requirements just means that certain hardware is recommended by the game developers in order to achieve an acceptably smooth frame rate. But this is the case as technology and graphics performance advance with time.

    However, with that CPU and GPU you should get good frames on nearly any game at high (not ultra/max) settings. At least for a year or two. :D
  2. Higher requirement = better graphic and good fps if your pc can keep up.
  3. You will get better graphics, and lower fps as the games will be more demanding. But you shouldn't have any trouble though with the 280x at 1080p.
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    I really wouldn't worry about "next-gen" console graphics affecting the requirements of PC games -- users have been able to build PCs much faster for years -- but higher requirements means you need better hardware to get an acceptable framerate. Usually higher requirements correlates with better-looking graphics.
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