Powercolor 7950 V5E reverts to stock clocks after sleep mode (bench shows/CCC doesn't) until RS

So I have this 7950. It's almost brand new. I've messed with it a bit but it runs fantastic now.
1.) Flashed BIOS with adjust power control +/-50
2.) Installed a Gelid Icy Vision-A Cooler

But as title states it does this funny thing after the system wakes from sleep mode. I've tried different OC utilities but all show the correct clock settings after wakeup, while the card performs at stock level.

Restarting the computer and disabling sleep mode keeps this from happening, but I'm a big fan of sleep mode. I'm totally stumped.

I've tried turning C-states off, on, everything in between (I still think it's something surrounding BIOS controlled power management, but the countless options available on this board in this department send my head swimming). I've tried everything just AUTO. I can't get rid of the issue. I'm also not clear when it started happening or if it's been happening since I built the system because the only way to verify the card is actually at stock clocks in this scenario is to bench it. It says it's overclocked after waking from sleep... but it isn't.

System specs:
4770k@39/39 1.14v/1.14v (bad chip I guess. It will do 4.2GHz reliably but it gets hot and I prefer the huge thermal difference I get at stock speeds)
Asus M6 Hero
Powercolor 7950 Boost @1150/1450 1.25v
8GB G.Skill Ares @2133 1.6v
Seasonic Platinum-1000 (massive overkill... preparing for the future)
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  1. OK. Solved this with the help of someone over at Hardforums.com. The issue had something to do with this card having a boost setting, which after adjusting the BIOS again with VBE7 editor such that the TDP is a constant at 30% above stock, as well as setting the 2 load clock settings (one the core one the boost setting) both to 1155/1455, was solved. Sleep no longer affects the card's performance.
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