will a gtx 650 ti boost run bf4 at 30 fps?

im buying a new gpu for the bf4 release so i was looking for a mid range gpu on a bargain. i found a gtx 650 ti boost

and im also upgrading my psu to a corsair 500w

additional specs include

8gb RAM

i5 3330 clocked at 3.0 GHz

1tb of hard drive space

so, can i run bf4 at at least 30 fps on low or medium??

thanks in advance

ps. the card is a pcie 3.0 when my mother board pcie is2.0

will it work?
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    Yes you will have about 40fps while running on high if the beta benchmarks are any indication.,3634-7.html

    The only thing that may cause you to have lower fps would be your CPU, but not a huge drop.

    And yes it will work in a PCIE 2.0 slot
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