Regarding MSI 970A-G43 RAM speeds

I need some help regarding the ram speed i can use on this motherboard, what i mean is which ram speed is the fastest i can use?. I am building a new AMD system, so far i've come up with the idea to buy this next items:

-Motherboard MSI 970A-G43
-GPU Gigabyte R9 280X
-CPU AMD FX-8350

I already own a monitor and Power supply (Cooler Master 700w Silent Pro). It's my first time building a PC.
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  1. If OCing the 8350 you MIGHT, repeat might MIGHT, be able to run 2 sticks of 2133 at 2133, best bet is 2x4GB or 2x8GB of 1866, very few 8350s can run 2133, but mosyt all can run 2 sticks of 1866
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