reviving and overclocking an intel c2d e7300 system crash

Ok, I'm an older newbie but i need some help.
I have this old system that I am trying to revive and use for a media center in my living room.
Everytime I go to try and tweek this thing I crash. I cannot see anything in the bios to untie the cpu speed from the ram. the ram is supposed to be 400mhz but i cannot get it to run at 400mhz with only changing that in the bios. this system crashes all the time, what can i do to help this along... oh, I have a huge heat sink and fan on this thing, thermalake 95w series, It's massive compared to stock.

the report below is all things auto.
help please.

Processors Information
Name Intel Core 2 Duo E7300
Codename Wolfdale
Specification Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7300 @ 2.66GHz
Package (platform ID) Socket 775 LGA (0x0)
CPUID 6.7.6
Extended CPUID 6.17
Core Stepping M0
Technology 45 nm
TDP Limit 65 Watts
Core Speed 2657.9 MHz
Multiplier x Bus Speed 10.0 x 265.8 MHz
Rated Bus speed 1063.1 MHz
Stock frequency 2666 MHz
FID/VID Control yes
FID range 6.0x - 10.0x
Max VID 1.225 V
Northbridge Intel G41 rev. A3
Southbridge Intel 82801GB (ICH7/R) rev. A1
Memory Type DDR2
Memory Size 4 GBytes
Channels Dual, (Symmetric)
Memory Frequency 332.2 MHz (4:5)
CAS# latency (CL) 5.0
RAS# to CAS# delay (tRCD) 5
RAS# Precharge (tRP) 5
Cycle Time (tRAS) 15
Row Refresh Cycle Time (tRFC) 44
Command Rate (CR) 2T
DIMM # 1 & 2
Memory type DDR2
Module format Regular UDIMM
Manufacturer (ID) Nanya Technology (7F7F7F0B00000000)
Size 2048 MBytes
Max bandwidth PC2-6400 (400 MHz)
Part number NT2GT64U8HD0BY-AD
Correction None
Nominal Voltage 1.80 Volts
EPP no
XMP no
AMP no
JEDEC timings table CL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS-tRC @ frequency
JEDEC #1 4.0-4-4-12-16 @ 266 MHz
JEDEC #2 5.0-5-5-15-20 @ 333 MHz
JEDEC #3 6.0-6-6-18-24 @ 400 MHz

Hardware Monitors
Hardware monitor Winbond W83627DHG
Voltage 0 1.16 Volts [0x91] (CPU VCORE)
Voltage 1 0.23 Volts [0x1D] (VIN1)
Voltage 2 3.41 Volts [0xD5] (+3.3V)
Voltage 3 5.11 Volts [0xD5] (+5V)
Voltage 4 11.88 Volts [0xD5] (+12V)
Voltage 5 1.70 Volts [0xD5] (VIN5)
Voltage 6 1.91 Volts [0xEF] (VIN6)
Temperature 0 24°C (75°F) [0x18] (SYSTIN)
Temperature 1 23°C (72°F) [0x2D] (CPUTIN)
Temperature 2 44°C (110°F) [0x57] (AUXTIN)
Fan 0 2482 RPM [0x44] (SYSFANIN)
Fan 1 2519 RPM [0x43] (CPUFANIN0)
vendor American Megatrends Inc.
version P1.30
date 10/01/2013
ROM size 1024 KB

DMI Baseboard
vendor ASRock
model G41C-GS
revision unknown
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    I had problems like this with Intel's 1066mhz cpus. The boards are origionally designed for 800mhz cpus, so the bus is "200mhz" by default, and when you put in the new cpu, it runs at "266mhz", so it tells the system to run at "266mhz". Your HT ussually gets underclocked because the ram cant handle being OC'd that far. Your 800mhz ram(ddr speed in bios gets divided by 2) would be oc'd to 1066 if it did not. That cheap brand ram most likely cant handle it which is why it crashes every time you OC.

    I would stop trying to push it and live with it, that cheap asrock board isn't for overclocking, and it isn't much of a performance difference to begin with.
  2. i have Samsung brand ram also that is supposed to be 400 mhz and it does the same thing. I bought this board because it is one of the few that you can get that is lga 775. It also IS for overclocking. I can oc it to 300mhz cpu with a 10x and run the ram at 400 (333 before overclock) and it is ok (stable) but beyond that it crashes. The mb can handle ddr3 ram, maybe that is what I need to invest in. I have read where ppls have gotten 4.0 and higher from these cpus. I want to push this one that high.
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