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Hi all, i was having issues with my custom PC possibly a virus issue. i believe now that maybe something may have got fried because after re installing the os several times it still runs at a crawl even when re installing windows from a cd. i tested the PSU so that is not the issue and am now thinking it may be the hard drive or motherboard. I am currently at college so do not have all my equipment to properly test the hardware so was wondering if you guys had any ideas. thanks in advance.
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  1. Have you tested the DRAM for speed, the GPU or the HD(s), is CPU running at proper freq, can it OC,
  2. thanks for the quick response. It has been difficult to run any test diagnostics due to the extreme slow down. It will constantly freeze up and give problems when trying to run applications. i will attempt again however if i am able
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    Might want to pull the guts and bench it, have a guide that might help here:
  4. I had a similar problem, turned out the video card was at fault. Really though, faulty anything could be the problem without running diagnostics. What hardware are you running, what windows version?
  5. i attempted to bench it as instructed in the guide, now the machine will start and then abruptly cut off after 4 or 5 seconds
  6. mod x stream pro 700W power supply
    xfx radeon HD 6850
    two 8 gig ddr3 ram sticks,
    gigabyte 870 a ud3 mobo
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