How do I install Windows 64-bit on a 32-bit system?

I downloaded a Windows 7 64 bit ISO and writed it to a DVD. When I restart my PC the disc doesn't load to show me installation options. My current OS is Windows 8 Pro 32-bit.
I thought trying to load it forcibly via BIOS might help by selecting it as the boot drive. But I tried regular keys like F1, F2, Del and Esc keys but BIOS would also not start on my MSI motherboard system, what should I do?
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  1. you need to purchase a 64 bit copy, your 32 bit key wont work.
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    What i first read this i though you were trying to install 64 bit OS on 32 bit hardware. I was like Umm yea no that will NEVER work lol

    But your just trying to install Windows 7 64 bit over a windows 8 32 bit. Now do you plan on dual booting or do you just want to get rid of windows 8? and the keys you said you did are usually keys for Bios not the boot menu. Now if you go into the Bios and then go into the Boot settings and make your CD rom drive the first bootable drive that will work as well. Otherwise try like F12 F11 or F10. F12 is like a Dell Default along with another few other motherboards. I have a ASUS Socket 775 board and its F8 So try that as well. And thats the actual Boot loader Menu not the Windows Safe Mode/Normal Mode boot menu i'm talking about.

    If you know what the model number of the motherboard is that would help me find out what it is.

    Also did you properly burn the ISO you downloaded? Like Open your default DVD Burning software and Open the ISO from there or did you burn the ISO file it self as a regular file to the DVD?
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