Motherboard VGA works, but graphics card DVI does not

Hi guys

So today I went to change my processor and turns out it was incompatible, anyway when i went to put my old one back in and started it up like it had been not 3 hours before the screen was black. So I unplugged the DVI and plugged it back in and it still said DVI no signal. So then I took out my VGA cable and hooked it up to my motherboard because my graphics card (Radeon 6870) only has a DVI slot. after turning it on my screen was back on but then when i started up my computer i got a message that states' No AMD graphics driver is installed, or the AMD driver is not functioning properly. Please install the driver appropriate for your AMD hardware." So i dismounted my graphics card and remounted it and still nothing.

Any ideas as to what the issue is?

So I got it to turn on by removing the power source and plugging it back in but now my colors on my desktop are severely distorted as in extremely dark and the resolution has changed to a very high setting which I cant read at the moment.

Please help!
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  1. I don't think dismounting your graphics card would remove the drivers; I'd probably go into the device manager and remove the current driver, then check AMD's support website for a new driver.
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