Warning! case open detected

I just build my computer in home
my motherboard is ASRock B85M
Case Cooler Master K280
Power supply seasonic S12ii bronze 520w

when i turn on my computer i a see a screen write on it processor type, ram and Warning case open detected enter setup H/W monitor screen and press F1 to continue
please notice that the power supply cord touch motherboard pins ( clear CMOS jumper) i want to know WHY i see this message or screen about case open ? and how to fix it ?!
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    Maybe like some of the MB have the feature setting in the BIOS, when you open the case it will warn you that your case was opened or not. You can trun it off but I don't know where it is in your MB BIOS, just check the manual.
  2. alright but when i had NZXT source 210 case Why i wasn't have this error with the same motherboard ?
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