PWM fans as Case Fans?

I recently ordered 5 units of Deepcool Iceblade 120mils for my case. I assumed that it will come with the necessary adapters and screws, but unfortunately, it didn't. What I got in the package is just the fan and a 4-pin Female to 2x 4-pin Male Y-Splitter.

Then I realized later on that the fans I ordered are PWM or "heatsink" fans. Now my problem is how will I be able to use it as a standard case fan.

Im thinking of using a standard 4-pin Male Molex to 3-pin Male Fan connector, and just chip the side of the plastic cap of the 3-pin fan connector so the 4-pin female connector of the fan will fit. Is that going to work?

Worst case, I'm considering of getting one of these ( ) since these have 4-pin male connectors. But I'm not so sure if it's a good idea to have 4 fans connected to a single motherboard 4-pin fan header.

Any other suggestions?
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    A 4-pin PWM plug should plug directly into a 3-pin case fan connector on the motherboard without any adapters. The alignment guides (2 notches on the plug itself that fits over a protrusion on the 3-pin connector) are exactly the same. The 4th pin (the PWM control) will just be disconnected, and the fan will run at full speed unless you hook it up to a fan controller.

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