GTX 760 vs R9 270X

I'm looking to upgrade my GPU from my Radeon 6870. Which would be a better choice, the Nvidia GTX 760 or the Radeon R9 270X.

I know the 270X is newer, and its also a little cheaper. The 760 though has a higher effective memory clock, and the bundle with Assassins Creed and Splinter Cell that is about to start is a plus for me too.

Which is the best deal for the money? Is it worth the extra $50 for the older 760?

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  1. the gtx 760 is a faster card.

    Edit: actually it really depends on the game and resolution. the 760 seems to beat the 270X at 1080p in some games, while the 270X beats the 760 in higher resolutions

    check out these benchmarks:
  2. The 760 is the performance winner but the price difference is higher than the performance difference.
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    In my opinion you should go with the 760 as long as you are willing to pay a bit higher price.
  4. Try to take a look at the super OC cards from the 270 series, they can pack a better punch than the reference card, ex: Sapphire R9 270x Toxic editon OC 2gb ddr5 1100mhz clock speed with 50mhz boost
  5. The more expensive 270X have bf4 with them and the new r series have mantle which in supported game will increase the performance by up to 45% and you can always overclock it.
  6. in my country a oc amd r9 270x sapphire toxic edition is even a 2$ cheaper than stock gtx 760.. but i went with r9 270x toxic cause with a trial cooler solution the card looks very sexy
  7. go for MSI R9 270 twin frozr. can perform as 270x and cost less than 270x. it is cheaper than GTX 760 and can match up on GTX 760.
  8. a r9 270 can't obviously match a gtx 760.. its about 22-25% higher performer
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