installed my OS in the SSD, now i want my Hard drive to be main storage? missing program file folder

so i installed windows 8 on my SSD with no troubles, updated everything i needed and such. i then went ahead and installed my new hard drive and booted up. i did the partition thing in the computer management for it. what im now trying to figure out is of having the hard drive as the main drive for all programs and such to be installed to that instead of the SSD.

the main thing im confused about is my hard drive doesnt have folder like the program files(86x) and other things that programs need to go into to be used.
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    Just create a folder called program files (or whatever you fancy) and install programs to that directory
  2. so there is no actual step by step process to make new programs install to the hard drive and i can just create a copy program files folder like it is in the SSD just for it to have a familiarity feel
  3. Basically you can just create a random folder/location on your HDD and install programs to that directory
    For example, creating a games folder and installing games into there (E:\Games or whatever it would be called)
  4. im just hating having to constatly redirect the programs to go into the secondary. and when a program installs automaticly without letting me say where it should go is annoying
  5. Yep it's certainly annoying, I've gotten used to doing custom installs due to those sneaky toolbars and homepage setting options that come with default installations
  6. ok, well, i found my answer in another forum and it talks about going into the regedit and that helped immensively
  7. Sweet, nice find :D
  8. You can also create a shortcut of the program files folder and have the shortcut direct to the other drive. This works with any folder in case you need to do it for anything else.
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