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I am a CS teacher at a very small school. The curriculum that I follow requires the students to generate a lot of files. I want each students files to be protected from the other students. Furthermore, on occasion another teacher is required to use the same computer the student is using to create tests and exams, and obviously those must be protected from access by the students. So I am required to create an account for every student and every teacher. However, I cannot assign a student to a specific computer. For example if I assign student X to computer 1 and student Y also to computer 1 then it may happen that both student X and Y need to use the computer at the same time (which obviously is not feasible).

My Solution
I have decided to create an account for each student and teacher on each computer. Then for each account I change the My Documents location to a shared folder. Thus, the same account on every computer has the same My Documents.Then using NTFS I can limit which accounts has access to the share folder. Although I am convinced that my idea will work, I am not to enthusiastic about implementing it because I have 6 computers and more than 30 students. This means I will have to setup 180 accounts.

Is there a better way to do this? In other words is there a way to set-up an account so that a user can login from any computer on the network and access his files.

More info
The computers that I am using are a mix of Win XP (3 computers) and Win 7 (4 computers).
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    Yes it's called roaming profiles but you normally a computer running a server version of windows to be the main computer. That way, you can login from anywhere and have everything from saved bookmarks, my doc's, programs even, everything from any pc. You can also lock down each profile in terms of what it's allowed to do, say installing software, not being able to uninstall software or even access the control panel, etc. You can really do a good job of it, but it requires knowledge of the server os and a server pc to do it.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I thought it was possible with server os. I will acquire the knowledge needed as I go. Just one more noob question. I know it is possible to use Win Server 2008 as desktop os, but if I do this will I still be able to use the os as a server? I cannot afford to use one computer solely as a server.
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