Problems with installing driver for chipset on motherboard.

I have the ASRock Z87 Extreme4 motherboard. I installed the INF driver for the chipset and it game me a prompt saying saying I should restart the computer for changes to take effect. I restarted the computer and in a basic shell, it tells me that the model is not supported. Why is this happening?

After I press a key, it tells me "Press F8 to trace or F5 to skip CONFIG.SYS/AUTOEXEC.BAT." After a few seconds, I get the same message that the model is not supported. What should I do to fix this?
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    did you install 32 bit chipset drivers on 64 bit windows?? try booting into safe mode if you can and rerun the intel chipset drivers from intel web page. if you cant if you just installed windows then you have to do a clean install of windows again.
  2. I reinstalled the chipset driver from intel. It worked! Thanks
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