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I've been working hard to overclock my cpu speed, I have an hp envy with a i7 running windows 7, I was successful in clocking my speed above 3 GHz although windows still show I my clock speed at 2.3.

The overclock was required by my job and the software they use to verify clock seed does not show real time ( it's dumb but whatever)

I'm hoping that someone will know how to "hack" and help me edit the proccesaor clock speed to display 3 ghz
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  1. Install and download CPU-Z from

    It will show your processor speed in real time.
  2. this company will not accept the realtime proccesor speed, only what their application shows, I already have cpu z, I know what I'm asking for and why
  3. Download "Intel extreme tuning utility" It's direct from intel and will tell you what your current speeds and voltages are. Windows never reports overclock speeds, that's no worry.
  4. I have the intel extreme overclock utility as well,you must understand that this company does not care about these programs, i must have this displayed in windows, this will requiremore than a quick and simple answer
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    Go to Task manager, then the performance tab. It shows in detail the CPU's clock speed.

    From what i've read you have to do a stress test on your computer with OCCT. to get it to
    show your correct speed in system properties.
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