I have a a6200n HP Pavilion Desktop with a Nivida Geforce 6150SE nforce 430 wanting to upgrade???? Wanting a good mid range Gr

My computer is a a6200n HP Pavilion Desktop and it is getting a low score on the Graphic Card which again is a Nivida Geforce 6150SE nforce 430, What do you recommend just want it to be a litlle faster but not that extreme... I play a little games but not really that much.. Thanks for your help.....DD BG KY
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  1. What CPU and RAM do you have?

    What games do you play?
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    With that Athlon 5000+ I wouldn't really recommend anything above a radeon 6570 or 6670, especially with that 250W power supply. They should handle games okay at 720p resolutions and be a great performance boost from that 6150SE.

    Desktop specs:
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