Consumer motherboard (Asus Z87-K) in rack?

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I am working on a cheap server, that has to fit in a rack. I was looking at the Asus Z87-K and want to install it in a Chieftec UNC-310RS-B rack. The motherboard is not listed on the official list of supported motherboards for the rack, but as it is ATX, it should fit (using my logic). Am I correct in my logic? And is there anything I should be aware of when building in a rack?

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    using the smaller atx mb you give yourself some more room in the case for a standard power supply. try using a modular power supply if your not going to use a video card use a cosair 430 modular unit. the less wires you use the better off in a small case.
    server/rig i built the full size mb went under the power supply and used a stock ps and had to game wires under the drives.
  2. Hi, thanks for the quick reply. I don't mind it being a mATX board, but I would prefer some more SATA-connections and psossibly one that supports 32 GB RAM. Would the Asus H87M-Plus be a good candidate instead then?
  3. looks the same size as the one i listed so you should be fine.
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