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I have fitted a new-ish Foxconn 9546Z7 Motherboard and I just can not get any sound out of the Rear or Front Jacks , I have downloaded all the drivers I can find fron Foxconn and Realtek but still nothing I have un-installed and re-installed a couple of times but still nothing , have tried different speakers , sound device is showing up in Device Manager , " Realtek HD Audio ".

I have ran out of things to try , any help out there .

1: When I do a configure speaker Test as in the first screen shot ( stereo ) there is no sound ( but the stereo setup in the screen shot is for the (front speakers ! ) my connection is direct to the motherboard (rear speakers) tried with front still no sound .

2: When I do a configure speaker Test as in the second screen shot ( quadraphonic ) there is no sound from the front speaker , but we get sound from my rear speakers .

3: When I do a configure speaker Test as in the third screen shot ( surround 5.1 ) there is no sound from the front speakers , but we get sound ( is like a door bell sound ) from my rear speakers .

to conclude , why is the stereo setting only showing front speakers , I thought that I had to have my setting for stereo , in any case none of the settings give me sound from a music file , yet the test shows that sound is indeed coming from my rear motherboard connection !! .

sorry I don't seem to be able to add pictures , it is asking for a web address !! , will try something else .
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    on a normal pc two speakers rear channel is the green port. then with 5.1 or 7.1 sound if the sound chipset can do this it uses two rear ports at the same time. in the real tech set up green port is front and the black port is rear and the orange port is used as subs.
  2. Put jack into the Rear Black socket and Whalla we have lift off , I can not believe it , I have spent so much time on this , I can not thank you enough .


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