Building a new streaming/recording PC. Need help and advice!

So far, I have:

NZXT 530 Phantom - $130
3TB Seagate Barracuda HDD - $120
60GB Seagate SSD - ?
i7 2600K 3.5 GHz CPU - $350
Corsair Vengence 16GB DDR3 RAM - $150
Asrock P67 Extreme4 Gen3 mobo - $166

I'm looking to spend a little less money, preferably a lower costing processor... Also, need a cheap graphics card that supports up to 3 monitors. If there's anything you guys can advise to me, that would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. What's the budget?
  2. Might be worth to wait and see the thoughts on Nvidia's Shadowplay program when it launches it's beta on Monday (28th), as it's a new way of recording gameplay using the graphics card. Essentially it'd most likely mean you won't have to spend as much on a processor, so you could instead go for an i5. They state the performance cost is around 5-10%.

    Essentially it possibly means you don't have to have either a really good CPU or a really good GPU.

    While they've said it won't be in at launch, functionality to stream directly to Twitch is coming.
  3. Budgets more around the 800-1000 range. Already have a power supply. I wont really need a graphics card as I won't really be playing many games.
  4. FX 8320 CPU, and for a GPU, you can pick up a cheap HD 7850 for $120 right now that would support 3 monitors well enough...(I can't believe they're that cheap!!)
  5. So, I went to best buy and they said that I can downgrade my CPU to an i5, but to change my motherboard to an ASUS or something else other than a Asrock. Also said there's no reason to get a SSD and to just double my HDD and put it in raid 0.
  6. Raid 0 is risky. If one HDD fails you lose everything. I don't recommended using it. SSD would still be considerably quicker anyway.
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