Building A Whole Gaming Pc Under 800 USD

For those who are reading this, thanks in advance for taking time reading this. I always build pc for some of my friends, most of this friends of mine like AMD, but one of my friends wanted an i5. So I tried searching but WTF!! I don't know the different sockets for an i5 maybe thats the problem if you always build with AMD, and had never build with any Intel processors.

So these are the questions:

Xfire or SLI - Maybe
Peripherals- Yes
Games- Dota 2, League of Legends and some online games

*note- better if its an i5 but just give what you can and I'll check it.
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  1. If he wants to overclock he wants a Z87 motherboard and a Core i5 4670K processor.

    If he doesn't want to overclock then an H87 motherboard and any of the Core i5 processors in the Haswelll range, that's any who's model number is 4xxx. The Core i5 4570, for example.

    Apart from that, it's exactly the same as building an AMD based system.
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