Amd FX 8320 cooler

Hi,I need expert opinion on this.I have AMD FX 8320 with stock cooler which is loud as a jet engine,and I have a Cooler Master Vortex 752
from my previous pc.So my question is should replace the stock cooler whit this if vortex 752 can keep solid temps and the noise down.
My temps with the stock cooler is not that bad idle 20 full load 60.Its just the matter of noise,I dont want to replace it if it's not going to help me and I only have little thermal paste left so I cant experiment I need professional thoughts on this.
Thanks in advance!
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  1. Thanks for the quick reply,I didn't see any info about TDP on their site,but I'm glad you did.
    Guess I'll start saving for the 212 or 412 slim.
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