laptop running extremely slow; Has short burst of normality

Laptop: Qosmio X505-Q890
Processor: Intel 8 core i7 cpu Q740 @1.73GHz
8 GB RAM (DDR3 PC3-10600)
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit O/s Service pack 1
Operating system on a 256 GB Crucial M4 SSD
All Other Software on a 1 TB drive (split into 4)
I recently upgraded from home premium to ultimate + updated the drivers, ever since then I have experienced the laptop going extremely slow (about 90% Time); with burst of performance at irregular intervals, I have checked for viruses, Malware, adware etc.
Any help / Advice that you could offer would be most appreciated. Thanking you in advance. JMG001
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  1. There is literally 100's of causes for what your experiencing. But to start somewhere, have you tested your HDD? what is your RAM usage at when things are running bad?
  2. Hi TheMaudDib Thank you for responding
    When the laptop has a slow session the ram is between 25 - 40% usage the processor is at 1% to 4% used, and will stay like this for long periods.
    I neglected to mention that when I upgraded the O/S I also put a 1 TB HDD in place of the 500 GB HDD
    Using "AS SSD" I obtained a score of 339 (Read: 161 Write: 98) 33% RAM Usage.
    I then decided to put the processor and Ram under a test by running AVG antivirus, ANVI Smart Defender (both Full Scan) also AS SSD, AS SSD Compression Benchmark, AS SSD Copy Benchmark and left the internet running in the background. As expected the scores where low, but the cpu was operating anywhere between 38 – 100% the ram anywhere between 34 – 61%.
    Using "AS SSD" I obtained a score of 479 (Read: 197 Write: 180) 33% RAM Usage.
    Have had a score as low as 301. But I neglected to note the RAM usage
    Interestingly the computer was in a slow mode of operation when I started the test below so I started a avg internet security – the cpu increased from 3/4% to about 34/40%. RAM went from 26% to 40%.
    Hope this helps.Thank you once again.
  3. Other than checking HDD and Memory, if the Laptop is overheating take it to a service and have it cleaned. Overheating CPUs / GPUs have very poor performance.
  4. I agree, a situation this ambiguous needs just the basic diagnostics gamete ran through it. Hdd test > then virus scan > then go from there.

    Maybe try removing AVG? corrupted AV can cause all kinds of problems
  5. You seems to have decent hardware. You might want to try the following to troubleshoot to if it is a hardware problem or software problem.

    Checking your Hardware
    Yes, Physically cleaning your computer can help reduce the heat build up. If it is a laptop you can buy a fan to place under your laptop to cool it down. Check to see in your task monitor if you are using alot of RAM or cpu cycles. If you are using up a large percentage of your RAM you probably need upgrade to more RAM or use less programs at the same time. If you CPU is continously spiking, it could be your computer is overheating or you have a program that using it. You can try to find and kill it using your task monitor.

    Cleaning Up Your OS
    1) run chdsk on your harddrive to see if you have any bad sectors
    2) try degfraging your harddrive
    4) if using a lot of ram try uninstalling some of your unused software
    You can try some software to fix some of these problem if you dont want to do it manually.
  6. I have suffred too.But now I am ok...U just have to download Advance System Plan beta version..It is a extreme software...It fast's ur laptop 99%....Just download it....U will have fun....
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