sapphire r9 280x 3GB toxic vs radeon hd 7970 3gb OC

both are the same price, but which is a better deal?i plan to play battlefield 4 on ultra with this and some other games
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  1. They are pretty much the same thing.
    If you provide links then we can check which one is SLIGHTLY better.

    But I would go for the Toxic, those cards are nice.
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    Jip, the toxic is 150MHz faster. So go for it!
  3. The Toxic is the better card. Simply outstanding and beats all 7970s.
  4. thanks for the suggestions.
  5. Plainbiscuits said:

    well the toxic has a backplate, i think, which if touching memory chips on back of pcb can help a degree or 2 (oc heat dissipation wise) and if you have a window in pc looks better and if im not mistaken supports 1 (0.1) later version of direct x but i was impatient and got a 7970 dual-x oc 3gb which comes with the 3 game never settle pack er code for codes for games , kinda confusing lol
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