Is my PC running too hot ?

With much help here - built a new PC last year.
CPU is an i5 3570k 3.4GHz 16GB RAM, SSD (for OS) 1 TB HDD, nVidia GeForce 560 Ti
In a Fractal Define R3 case, with 2 fans ( both on set speed) & space for another 5 fans and if needed.
CPU standard fan (with silver heat conduct compound), running under motherboard speed control

Did install a Temp monitor .... show below temp in tickover, and also when doing video editing with AVIsynth (not offloaded to GPU) and using Vegas (CUDA enabled)

Tickover Video editing CUDA
GPU 34 34 55
CPU 37 46 54
Core 0 36 60 74
Core 1 38 58 78

CPU fan speeds up eg to 1934 under load.

Are these temps OK ... or do I need to increase cooling.
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  1. You could do with an aftermarket cooler. Those temps look absolutely fine, but anything but the stock Intel cooler will bring those CPU temperatures down.

    Simply because it's most well know and highest regarded CPU cooler around, I'd suggest the Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo. There are many coolers just as good, but that is a solid, well round cooler.
  2. OK ... at build time had some response that Intel cooler was good enough, .... I'll take a look at Coolermaster

    So you don't think I need any more fans for the case?
  3. Nah those stock coolers are pretty lousy at cooling, and they're loud as anything, really not worth it tbh.

    More fans for the case might help as well, but seeing as your GPU isn't getting too hot, it probably isn't worth it. Only thing I might suggest if you haven't already got one, is to put a fan at the back of the case, as an exhaust.
  4. Yep ... I have one on back and one on base .... I'll invest in the Cooler, just looked at supplier ... all reviews very positive on impact .... one review said difficult to install, any tips or anything special ?
  5. OK ... amazon had best price and got it to me post free next day ...

    Installed - almost like a complete rebuild :-(

    Anyway in it is ... running same processing ...

    CPU down -9 deg
    Core 0 donw - 12
    Core 1 down -16

    Interesting that fan is running only at 569rpm .... previous fan was flat out .... so a whole load of cooling overhead remaining.
  6. Yep, quiet as a bee and loads of headroom.

    Enjoy your new cooler!
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