looking to add more ram to my P6T Deluxe

I'm looking to add more ram to my desktop PC, my motherboard is the P6T Deluxe (not version 2).

I was looking at the scan website but it looks like its not as simple as I thought, there are quite a few different types listed on there, like single, double, triple and quad channel, then there are different mhz also ranging between 1333 and 1800+

I just need to know which types are compatible with my board, and is it advisable to get all sticks that match, replacing my current sticks rather then add to my existing ram thanks!
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  1. check the motherboard (ram speed in mhz in mobo or user manual) before purchase ram most mobo support upto dual channel , so buy dual channel or single channel 1gb+1gb for(32 bit os) 4gb+4gb for 64bit os
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    Best bet would be new DRAM in the amount you want, mixing sets can be on often is problematic, depending on how much you want, would suggest 3X2GB, or 6x2G - it supports up to 12GB
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