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at moment i'm going be going Quadfire HD7990+ 2 HD 7970s and i'm looking for a new monitor i honestly want 2 of them at moment i has a SA950 samsung 120hz 1080p monitor , i use downscaleing at moment running games at 2720x1600 , i'm not sure if 29inch monitor can even do that. consdiering that 120hz monitors have large bandwidth so i was able get that rez due to dropping it down to 60hz , anyways looking at asus monitor 29inch and get 2 of them side by side , problem is i cant get SA950 in Australia other wise il get another one, i don't want 2 different color monitors want them look same in terms PQ but my only grip is the fact 29inch is indeed shorter then 27inch in hight just got more width. anyone can help me what to decide on will be nice .
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  1. Wait, only 2 monitors for gaming? That's a little odd.
  2. 2 29inch lol side by side, but i think i'm going go with 3 23inch Asus MX239H and have them portrait what do you think? and yes i know they don't support vesa but im going put something behind the monitors so they can lean on to them. should work ok
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