Multi-Monitor setup, Help.

I am currently building a gaming/ design and 3D rendering PC and came to the conclusion I have no idea what to do in the terms of display setups.

Hopefully someone can help me, I live in Australia, just to let others know, after my build don't have very much money either. Display adapter is a Sapphire 7950 Vapor-X 3Gb, Processor will be AMD 6300.

I have plenty of space for multiple monitors, just wanted to know what advice I could get on the terms of a decent, low budget monitor setup.
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  1. 3 monitors takes A LOT more GPU muscle to run. Typically people will buy 2 GPUs. And I don't mean 650ti boost, I mean 2x770. So the things that are important with multiple monitor gamine are:
    1) multiple GPUs
    2) VRAM. You want at least 3GB GPUs
    3) since you are using multiple GPUs it is best to have a good CPU. In gaming a i5-4670k vs i7-4770k is the same on one monitor but once you use 3 monitors and multiple GPUs then a i7 is better.

    In your case if you really want to try for 3 monitor gaming then I'd suggest getting a second 7950 and upgrade your CPU to a 8350.
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