Why is my computer constantly freezing?

This problem started about two months ago when my computer wouldn't make it past the splash screen. I tried everything! The computer wouldn't even load with the windows 7 disk. Finally I decided to wipe the harddrive after backing it up manually. This aloud me to install a fresh copy of windows 7. So the computer starts working all fine for the next month until recently. It has constant freezes randomly while surfing the Internet or playing games. After a few freezes it stops loading past the splash screen again. A fresh copy of windows resolves this issue but only for a few days. I have run full system scans, malware bytes, and memtest for over 12 hours. Can't find any errors.

All I do with this computer is play League of Legends. The only aftermarket part is the graphics card which is an AMD 6670. It is an Acer running windows 7.
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  1. Run Seatools on it to check the disc for errors.

  2. Thank you, trying it now. Just got my computer up and running.
  3. ANd?
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