slow usb 3.0 transfer rate on dell inspiron 3521

Hi, I have a dell inspiron 3521having windows 8 64 bit with two usb 3.0 ports and two usb 2.0 ports.....I m getting a transfer rate of 30 MB/s with 2.0 and just 40 MB/s with my 3.0 it normal behavior?
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  1. for a usb3 device to achieve its maximum speed you need a usb3 device plugged into a usb3 port using a usb3 cable. Even then you will run at the slowest speed of the 3 which is usually the device.

    That leads us to 'Which device are you plugging into the usb3 port?'
  2. I am connecting my sea gate HDD which is usb 3.0...........I have connected it with a 3.0 port of hp elite book and it is giving a transfer rate of around 80 MB/s there
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    Looks like we're done then. :-)
  4. Dude i have same probleam with my dell 3521 and seagate hdd,,,

    if you find eny solution,, plz.. tell me....
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