Can I add an antenna to my wireless subwoofer so it stays connected?

I have a polk surroundbar 6000 and all of the reviews send the same 2 messages. It sounds good for the price and the wireless subwoofer range is terrible. I agree with both. The Subwoofer cannot be seen where I have it so if I could attach a wire and run it up the side of the subwoofer to act as an antenna that would be great. Any thoughts or alternatives will be appreciated.

P.s. I have owned it for too long to return it.
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  1. Move it closer. It has no external antenna connector, so you would have to get inside and void your warranty in the process.
  2. I will happily void the warranty if you can answer the question that was asked.
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    Then open it up, find the internal antenna and splice a larger antenna on. A larger antenna for reception will help, although a larger transmitting antenna on the other end would help more. Do not surround either with large metal objects that will attenuate the already poor signal.
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