Hello! Pls help me pick between this two!

I mainly do playing games (dota2,skyrim,nba2k14) but i would also like to be able to efficiently do video rendering and some other school-related stuffs. Tnx! Just between the two tho, i dont have money for anthing that cost more. Thanks!
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    The MSI would be better at games because the Radeon HD 7670m is about equal to the nVidia GT 630m. The Toshiba has the integrated Radeon HD 8510g which is basically equal to the nVidia GT 620m.

    The MSI has a dual core Core i3 CPU while the Toshiba has a quad core AMD APU. At the same clockspeed Intel CPUs are more powerful than AMD APUs in terms of CPU processing power.

    I prefer the MSI over the Toshiba based on the hardware, but the MSI does not come with Windows. It has some version of DOS which means if you really want to use it, you need to install Windows.
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