is my graphics card being read correctly?

so i just installed a new graphics card, the 7990. it was from a fresh computer build and everything, so i dont have any past versions or anything. i downloaded gpu-z and even in msi afterburner, i keep seeing the same thing of 7900. is that normal? i was thinking it would always say the actual full product name of 7990. i just want to make sure i am getting the full graphics card used correctly.

here is my gpu-z
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  1. it reads the codename correctly at least: Malta
    I bet it's fine.
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    Yes, it is getting correctly recognized, ATi cards are always reported with their series (AMD Radeon HD 6000 series, HD 7000 series), the data which identifies exactly your video card is the "GPU" info, being Malta on yours which is the codename to the HD 7990.
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