My internet just disconnects me at random moments saying "No network access" only way to temp fix it is to restart my pc, but

I've recently been trying and trying to get on the internet, this is written in haste, just saying, but anyway I've done everything, even wiped my harddrive, + resetted my router about twenty times. I've done everything I possibley can, yet It keeps doing this.

My internet supplier is Virgin Media, they've been useless in this, I did call them up, they wiped some of my internet usage but it didn't really help.
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  1. Try setting your router to a different wireless channel, preferably a high number like 10, 11 or 12.
  2. I recommend that you use 11 if you don't want to use 1 or 6 -- if you use a nearby channel like 9 or 10 you will actually experience worse interference from other networks on 11, as the signals from other channels are not rejected as effectively as those on the same channel when those other channels have partial overlap of frequency.

    You should also use the free network analyzer inSSIDer from HERE to look at other nearby networks for channel and signal strength. Also, if you have the equipment, consider trying the 5GHz frequency as the 2.4GHz is pretty overused.
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