Will this build be good enough for next-gen gaming?

Since the next-gen consoles are coming out soon and my 6+ year old Compaq has seen better days, I'm hoping to kill two birds with one stone and build my first PC. My current PC can't even play Vice City without chugging like crazy so anything's an improvement. I'll be getting this instead of XB1 or PS4 so I want something that's going to be able to keep pace with the consoles for at least a few years before I need to upgrade anything. I don't need to play everything at the highest settings with 100+ framerate, as long as I can play around 60fps and everything looks fairly nice I'll be satisfied. I'd like to keep it in the $750 range if possible. Here's the part list as it is now:

If you guys could tell me if it all looks good, and give any suggestions that would be great. I'm on a strict $800 budget so I tried to get it as low as I could, but please tell me if I'm cheaping out on something important!
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  1. Drop the CPU cooler. The stock cooler is better.

    Change the motherboard to ASUS or GIGABYTE. That Biostar is not the best quality.

    Change the PSU to an xfx550.

    Change the GPU to an hd7950. MUCH better and only like 10 more dollars.
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    Take a look at the Asus H81M-K mobo, little more bbut if you want something that will last a while.....going BioStar or MSI on a entry mobo, may be replacing it in 3-6 months
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