How to convince parents to let me build a gaming pc

They wont even let me build it with my own money, my dad already has some gaming pc parts but they're not good enough, they think the pc is not for gaming and should stick with my console. (Probably because it doesn't cost much.)
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  1. Hmmm. First of all, why do you want a gaming pc?

    Second of all here's some of the reasons I chose and still choose PC:

    RTS games : I'm a massive massive fan and they are simply not available for the most part on console.
    Much cheaper games(loads of specials)
    Multi-purpose: You can do your school work on it, and it's always nice to have a snappy system when doing work.

    EDIT: Better graphics too, if you that way inclined.
  2. I would try to explain to them the knowledge and experience you can gain from building your own PC. Hell, even if you planned on buying an Xbox One which is $500, that's still enough cash to build a solid mid-range gaming PC.

    Plus, I'd lay money down on the fact that you'll see a lot more console > PC games because of the new architecture of the consoles.
  3. I'd show them how interested you really are in it. Parents love supporting their children's passion.

    Make up your list of proposed parts. Post it in the forum, and get feedback. Print out your final selections and why. Print out a how-to build manual. Get everything ready and then sit them down and show them the homework you have done, what you plan to do, why you chose the parts you did etc. You could also print out comparisons of performance on PC vs. console games.
  4. Big selling point can be that not only can you game on it, but you can use it for school - homework, research, learning - as far as just the building end itself, both my son's started early, my oldest built his first half dozen rigs before he was 8, and he's stuck with systems, he's closing on 26 now and is a IT guy for the Air Force (civilian side) dragging $60K a year
  5. Even show them these websites! A great tool for planning a custom system. Includes prices from many resellers, a compatibility filter, and even a system wattage estimator! A grid-style layout of parts and prices. Very useful for budgeting and getting the most for your money.
  6. Tell them it's a school project and you are genuinely interested in an IT career path.
  7. Pyree said:
    Tell them it's a school project and you are genuinely interested in an IT career path.

    Only if that's the truth though :P
  8. More pros for the pc
    cheaper games
    bigger selection of games
    you can use most console controllers on the pc

    you've already shown you're more than interested in computing, whether you turn it into a career is up to you.
  9. If they are concerned about the cost of the PC then alert them to the fact that PC gaming is cheaper in the long run over the course of a console lifespan.

    Most games can be had brand new for a good $10-15 less than console games. I just bought BF4 for $45. Add that to the fact that you can get many great games for way less (I just bought Bioshock infinite for $10). Humble bundles etc...PC games are practically given away for free.

    The initial higher cost (doesn't even have to be much higher) is quickly offset by the price of games.

    After buying a Xbox one/ps4 plus extra controllers (because, really, split screen play is the main reason to buy a console vs a pc) you have basically spent what a decent rig would cost.

    Or you can poitn them to this article, or google and find tons of others like it...

    Good luck! I hope your parents change their minds and let you join the master race =p
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    if your a kid your pretty much s.o.l but there's always prebuilt
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