what is a good hdmi monitor that would be used for gaming? low budget monitor.

im looking to spend minimum money because I have a low budget. I cant spend no more than maybe around $130. I know that's a little bit for an hdmi monitor but there has to be at least one. and it cant be one with slow refresh rate or whatever its called because ghosting would be a problem. I play first person shooters mostly
at walmart ive seen small TV's that have hdmi so would that be a better option? oh and size isn't a huge deal. I play from about 2-3 feet away.
and I game on an xbox 360 and only need an hdmi one for the next gen consoles that only support hdmi.
Ive heard that dvi to hdmi is the same except sound, but when I tried it on a monitor it didn't look as good as the vga connection and not too good at all.

if anyone knows about the xbox one or ps4, if got a monitor and it had no speakers, would there be any way to get sound?
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