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Just built a new computer and have bare minimum installed. Starting since built it has been freezing randomly for up to 1 minute. Most noticeably Google Chrome and Steam. I been watching my Disk Usage shoot up to 100% when this freeze issue happens. My CPU basically keeps doing what its doing no problems, oddly enough this does not seem to happen while playing a game or streaming! Ask any questions you may have please would really like to solve this quickly. I will also include a link to my pcpartpicker list for this build thats having issues.
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    could be lots of causes but here is something for you to check:

    When windows 8 goes idle for some period of time it will start doing some data integrity checks of your hard drive or SSD. (think of a background chkdsk with repair functions done on sections of your SSD) When issues are detected they may require that the block be moved to another block inside of the SSD, this can take some time depending on the firmware of the SSD. If it takes too long (30 seconds) windows will assume that the disk is confused and will attempt to reset the port that the drive is connected to. This will show up as a error from the drive subsystem in the event viewer log. Look at the log to see if that is the case.

    I would suggest that you turn off sleep functions option, and let the system go idle for a few hours so the data integrity checks can complete.

    sometimes a SSD needs time to finish calling some internal routines to do garbage collection on the drive. A common solution is to boot the system into the BIOS and leave the SSD drive powered but not in use for a few hours for these routines to complete. (assumes you don't have internal tools to look at the state of the SSD internal functions)
  2. I use this computer for gaming and gaming only, that being said it has no sleep mode ever enabled. But about the collecting part of your message well that could be true it only has about 5 hours logged on, tonight will be different so maybe it will clear up.
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