Radeon HD 4850 Is it dead? Or do I just need to reformat and start over?

Hey guys,

My first post. But I've literally scoured these forums along with many others for the last four days about this.

First I'll tell you what happend. I'm a vendor in a game called Second Life. I'd been noticing some flashing pixels in world for a couple days. I also play SWTOR and I never had any issues there. Then finally the other night I was putting out some things in my new store and I got a pink and green 'artifacts' everywhere and then crashed. The game crashed and so did my PC. So I get back in windows and try to load the game. Crashed again. So I get the card out and it's a little dusty and I blow it out with some compressed air, handling it carefully btw, and reset it. Still crashing.

Since then I've uninstalled all ati drivers using several instructions in these forums and others that took me even to the registry. I've also used driver sweeper in safe mode and Windows Install Cleanup.
I've tried to install the drivers per AMD's instructions to the letter and I crash to blue scree every time. I've tried using the WorkaroundInstall=true trick in the InstallManager.cfg. and the drivers don't install just the catalyst install manager. I've upgraded all windows files. I've checked for corrupt files in windows. I've even tried to get the drivers to install though the command prompt. I've also tried the latest AMD drivers for my card and some older ones.

I also checked the bios to see if the card was detected there and I see VGA, mulimedia in the pci slot. I've also upgraded my mobo's chipset and installed the latest .NET framework. The only thing I haven't done is flashed the bios for the upgrade.

As I'm typing this my monitor is plugged into the card and it seems to be working in the case. I have four vertical pink lines on the screen, about an inch wide and my device manager shows the standard VGA graphics adapter but not the card although I have Catalyst control center installed.

I'm thinking of saving my files and reformatting the PC to see if that gets me back. I'm suspecting the card got hot because my factory power supply, although rated with high enough wattage wasn't good for the card and everything else. But I want to be sure about the card before I give up on it. Either way I'm getting a good power supply though.

Thanks for reading this if you had the patience. lol If you have any ideas, advice, or past experiences you could share I'd appreciate it.

Thanks guys.

I forgot to ad my system. http://

Mine has 4gb of memory though and and Core 2 Duo 3.0 GHz. Windows 7 professional and a 750gb hard drive.

I know it's low end. It's just what I can afford right now.
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    look the capacitors of your vga. i remember mine from 4870 died in eight months and give me this problem... i installed an ugly one on my card. works like a charm
  2. Hey Amdlova I actually did look at those as I've had the card out a few times. But I'll take another look to be sure and let the forum know. Thanks for the advice. Also to add,I did try to reset the card in the the other pci slot and still nothing.
  3. I checked those capacitors Amdlova and they looked good. No leaking from top or bottom and no bulging. In fact visually the card looks good.
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