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I recently installed a gtx 770 plugged it in and it was found instantly. i go onto my device manager to find that i have an error on the other devices tab, the video controller apparently is telling me i dont have any drivers installed for this mystery device. It provides no details about it, just says thats it is a video controller. in the pci slot it says where it is i have nothing installed in it. my computer is running fine and all the drivers have been installed with a clean installation. any thoughts? should i just disable it?
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  1. Do you have onboard graphics as well?
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    Like rolli59 hinted at, if you have Intel graphics too it might just be that which is throwing up the error in device manager. You might want to check the bios and see if you can disable onboard graphics. There's usually an option for onboard, add in card or both. Make sure it's set for the add in card only. The only other option I could think would be HDMI audio... but that should be under the audio section of device manager.

    I hoe this helps.
  3. yes i have onboard graphics it is set to auto under the bios. my motherboard is a gigabyte z68 xp ud3 and a i5 2500k. i dont see an option to turn it off besides it saying something about PEG and a graphics card. would it be under the advanced bios or the onboard settings in bios?
  4. Medic, I have the same board. My bios setting is listed as "always on" not "auto". I show my Radeon 7870 and the Intel HD Graphics 3000 under the Display Adapters. I don't use the onboard video, but I did play with the Lucid transcoding. I use a 2600K so our setup is similar. You need to go and install the Intel HD graphics driver, or set the bios setting to "use onboard only if no Ext video". Now under the "Sound, video and game controllers" section in the device manager I show Intel Display Audio, Realtek Hi Def Audio and the AMD Audio (for the video cards HDMI output). I guess I wasn't sure which section you were having issues with.
  5. yea its just the video controller error thats bugging me, everything seems to be working fine, i'll try and disable onboard video and see if that gets rid of it.
  6. It should, because it is enabled windows is picking it up and listing it missing drivers.
  7. thanks both of you. went into the bios turned off onboard vga and now its gone.
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