corsair vengance 2133mhz on a f2a85v PRO motherboard

hey guys i have an issue i bought some corsair vengeance 2133mhz memmory and i didnt know that it was for an intel build.....the question im asking is how to get it to run at its full speed and set latancys to what their suppose to be on my motherboard ( F2A85V-PRO)
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  1. i need motherboard specific help
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    What APU are you running, most like fast DRAM so should be fine, DRAM doesn't care if it goes on a Intel or an AMD mobo - honest it won't yell scream or anything ;) don't believe the hoopla about it's for AMD or or Intel (even the branded AMD DRAM)
  3. A10-5800k i found the docp setting works fine now. i had the apu OC @4.3ghz i tried just throwing it on 2133mhz but it kept crashing :( .so i found out how to enable D.O.C.P and it OC my system to what i had it at originaly besides a few settings.

    love this site and the pplz in the community huge help thanx
  4. Looking good ! Have fun ;)
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