Avermedia Live Gamer HD stops recording or streaming.

I have noticed that when I'm recording, 8 or 9 on 10 times, my video and sound is being cut. For example, if I'm recording for 20 minutes, my video may be random time long even 8 seconds to 19, but never full 20 minutes. The same thing is with sound (saved as seperate Mp3 file, from Blue Yeti Pro Microphone). Worst thing is, there are no signs that the recording stops at certain moment, because the record button (USB) keeps flashing, thought its not recording anymore. I tried lots of settings, no idea what could be the cause.

When I'm streaming, I get the video stuttering, or shall I say, stopping to stream. It goes online and offline most of the times, though the record button (USB one) keeps flashing.
Tried many settings here too, even dropped the stream speed and nothing happend.

I had these problems from the beginning, and I have it connected right.
My Graphic card is: GeForce 670GTX
Processor: intel quad 2.5
Ram: 8GB
I'm also running windows 7 64 bit.

Thank you for any help!
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  1. yeah man I get the same thing. Only records 20 or 23 seconds and randomly stops while still indicating that its recording. Dont know what wrong, but when I take the video bitrate down to 10mgbps it works fine-but looks like shit.
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