my i5 3570k cpu fan running at 1330 rpm only why

my new i5 3570k cpu is running at 1330 rpm only

no overclocking

cpu 25 c
cpu package 33 c
cpu ia cores 35 c
cpu gt cores 33 c
cpu core 1 33 c
cpu core 2 33 c
cpu core 3 34 c
cpu core 4 33 c

pch diode 51 c
motherboard 27 c
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  1. im talking about my cpu fan
  2. Best answer
    you have a target temp set in your, untill you reach that target, the fan wont spin up much :) Your temps look fine :) dont worry
  3. thank you soo much
    just onother question
    why is my pch diode temp is 51 c ? too high
    what is that pch diode?
    my motherboard is new also
  4. pCH diode is your motherboard chipset temp, it is fine aswell.
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