hello i need a few drivers for asus A45V notebook please

its windows 7 ultimate 32bit
network controller,
standard graphics addaptor,
pci simple communications controller,
sm bus controller,
universal serial bus (usb) controller
I need help with this please I cant seem to find them anywhere
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    This will scan you system and automatically update drivers and its FREEEEEEEEEE
  2. Ignore the post from jinksy. We don't recommend the use of driver finding software unless it's for an obscure laptop brand that doesn't have any customer support on the web. That's not the case with Acer laptops, far from it.
    Go direct to Asus Support and get your drivers there:
  3. Excuse me! Who is we?
    I've used that software on a large number of machines without fault. Where do you suspect they get the drivers from Phillip ay.
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